All 20 tracks written, produced and voiced by Carl B. Moxie, except ‘Glad I Can Help’ sung by George Victory and Marie Thomas; also ‘build on a dream’ sung by Winston Jones and Marie Thomas.

Backing vocals by: Junior Jazz, Carol Addison, Eddie Lovett, Hopeton Lewis, George Victory and Marie Thomas
Synthesized Music by: Lloyd Kross
Guitarists: George Victory, Junior Jazz & McKitty
Drum Machine by: Noel Alphonso & Lloyd Kross.

All tracks recorded at LLOYD KROSS STUDIOS, Brooklyn NY, except ‘Glad I Can Help,’ Charley’s Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY and ‘Build On A Dream’ at HC&F Studios, Freeport, Long Island, NY

  1. Mother T Carl Moxie
  2. We Must Believe Carl Moxie
  3. Teach The Youth Carl Moxie
  4. Black Man's Cry Carl Moxie
  5. You Are A Special Person Carl Moxie
  6. God's creation Carl Moxie
  7. Is This Land My Home Carl Moxie
  8. Kum-ba-yah Carl Moxie
  9. Mom: An Impression Carl Moxie
  10. Here's Comes the Dawn Carl Moxie
  11. African Children Carl Moxie
  12. Tribute to Dr. Betty Shabazz Carl Moxie
  13. Man or Mouse Carl Moxie
  14. Man or Mouse Version Carl Moxie
  15. Mad Man's Logic Carl Moxie
  16. Glad I Can Help George Victory (Written by Carl B. Moxie)
  17. Let the Music Be Carl B. Moxie / Jesse Jender / Captain Remo / Crystal
  18. Cry Freedom Carl B. Moxie / Winston Jones
  19. Build On A Dream Winston Jones*Marie Thomas (Written by Carl B. Moxie)
  20. Build On A Dream - Version Carl B. Moxie